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The beauty of an online CBT therapy program is that you can tailor fit it to your busy schedule , demanding life style, progress and needs. It is a short term, straightforward, efficient, focused and practical.  It is available to you at anytime that you want, whether you are in bed wearing your PJ’s, laying on a couch on a Sunday morning or on vacation.

The program accelerates and condenses all the steps that you need to accept your body and be more confident. With each module you get practical, easy and valuable methods, techniques, exercises that work. You will have insights and scientific proven explanations for the root of the problem (knowing why and increased awareness has preventative power as well).You also get the guidance and advice that are necessary for the journey and it is all done in the comfort and convenience of your own surrounding. No commute and no taking time off to go to a session with your psychologist.

You determine your speed and the amount of progress that is conformable to you and to your personal needs. Having the program implies that you need not rely on your memory to recall strategies or thoughts that came up in a session. It is all written for you on your computer. Being text based it can also  make expression and disclosure  easier for you.

Should you need more flexibility of access, support and intensive personal contact, that is possible too. You can choose the levels of intensity and frequency of your contact. My mission is to truly meet you wherever you are on a number of levels. You can be reassured that I will be there for you whenever you need me. The contact with me  is by  email support and a call or you can also upgrade and receive private sessions  and guided group sessions, which add the ultimate support level to your journey towards a more positive body image