MINI Accept&Rock Your Body

Reclaim your happiness and self -acceptance even if you can barely put a smile on your face while thinking about your appearance by following my compact program so that you can start the new year happy, excited, fulfilled and full of acceptance and compassion about yourself right now.

Imagine the day wake up in the morning, after a care-free night sleep and you glimpse at yourself in the mirror and you smile. You get dressed in your favorite outfit,  check yourself in the mirror again and you think hello there beautiful. You feel calm, confident, comfortable and in control. You have reconnect with your genuine, loving, joyful and unique self and you love it. You feel like winking at the awesome person who is looking back at you right now. How fantastic will that day be?

The MINI program will help you start loving yourself at the shape that you are at so that you will experience a more blissful and fulfilled life. How?

With a generous helping of strategies that will turn your inner critic and body hater into your best compassionate and accepting friend;

a sprinkle of concrete hands on guidance because you will not go through it alone;

a dash of compassionate peer support and accountability and a splash of helpful insights.

It is all done in the comfort and convenience of your own surrounding. It will always be accessible to you.

Doing nothing about the way you feel and think about your body has not helped you, right? We both know that avoidance does not work and that you have not gotten anywhere with that approach, only accumulated and intensified your frustrations, insecurities, disappointment and fears.

I understand that the timing may be wrong for you or you cannot invest financially right now and buy the core program. This is exactly why I created the mini version of my program. It caters to the busy and yet inspired men and women, specifically those who don’t have a lot of free time on their hands and/or momentarily do not or cannot spend the money to pay for the premium full program, but still want a quality program and indisputable support to help them improve their body image.

This is program is a bite size of the core program and it offers value…simply packed, easy access, practical and straight forward selected strategies from the core program.

Discover essential strategies that will give you the push you need and the know how to start improving your body image at a minimum investment of time and money with the maximum of support, ease and flexibility. It is a short term ,efficient and focused therapy .You can tailor fit the program to your demanding life style, your tempo of progression and needs.

What is included?


If you are wondering… Yes, you can stop beating yourself up about all the shoulds and have to’s and you can break those body image shackles that have kept you down. You can  and you deserve to feel vibrate, content, powerful, alluring and beautiful in your own skin even if you are sleep deprived  and only a few free hours a day… even if you have tried every diet ,exercise routine and patent under the sun but have gotten nowhere..even if you can not invest allot of money right now…   This program and my unparalleled support will help you get there.

Sounds downright spectacular, right? Do not wait another moment accepting your negative body image in passivity. Time waits for no one and life as you want it to be is not getting any closer without taking any action, so hurry up and take charge.

Doing the MINI program is like taking the core program to a test drive at 10% of the whole price. Buy it and see if you like the approach and whether or not you want to continue working on your body image and invest further in yourself and your well-being.Get on board and start kicking your negative body image to the curb …

Are you ready to ACCEPT AND EMBRACE your self and your body, feel happier and excited to celebrate your  uniqueness and true beauty?

Sounds good, I want to buy the MINI now