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sharon-2Who are you?

My name is Dr. Sharon Galor. I help adults overcome their struggles, strengthen their capacities and achieve greater happiness, balance and well-being in their life. I am very passionate about helping people. I will be your empathetic, authentic, supportive companion and guide in this journey.

I have a PhD in clinical psychology from Innsbruck University and MA in clinical and health psychology from Leiden University. I have worked as a psychologist for many years and have successfully helped many clients. I work with CBT, which is an evidence based, problem solving oriented therapy method that gets the best results in a short term.  I have also enriched my insights, aptitudes and experience by researching the psychological problems, which I treat. My research was published in prominent peer reviewed journals. My no-nonsense, efficient and results- focused therapy working method with my clients is reflected in this program and in my book Be assertive! Be your authentic self! (  Additionally  a few of my articles  have also been featured in  great expat and business oriented sites on the internet.

How quickly will I see results?

If you think that this another quick magical fix, then forget about it. Nothing will change if you will not do the heavy lifting yourself.  If you do the work, you will see the results. I cannot live in your mind nor can I do it for you but I can explain, challenge, support, empathize, guide and motivate you into result delivering actions.

Each person is unique, each person’s circumstance is different and each person progresses in his/ her own tempo thus the length of time differs but if you will commit the time and emotional energy to do the work and apply all that you do in your life, your will also finish and see results in a shorter time.

How do I Pay ?

After you click the button and confirm your purchase, then you can pay through a bank transfer.

What happens after I pay?

You will get a link where you set your own private password (Two-way authentication). This will enter you to the secure system where you will gradually get your modules, but can also send me short messages and updates with each module. It is a direct conversation link to me. You can still naturally use the regular email address if you prefer. The online interaction with others, if you choose this bonus, will  be secured within the system.

What If I paid and I do not like it?

I  appreciate that occasionally there may be reasons why you may choose to cancel the participation where you have paid the full price in advance. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can email me Upon termination the refund that shall be rendered is equal proportionally to the amount of modules that you have not received yet.

What are the terms and conditions of purchase?

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