-Should you also want/need to have a private session and you have bought the GOLD package, then each session (50 min.) costs according to my regular hourly fee (100 euro).

-Email me whenever you need support (via the secured system or to The maximum amount of 8 emails can be distributed during the program period as you wish.  It is available from 8:00-21:00. An email will be sent back within 3 hours of contact.

-Private sessions will preferably take place at my office in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. However, if you live very far away or abroad, it will be done with Skype.

-Check-ins: I will send you a quick message in periods that are extra difficult for you. Just extra emails to see how you are doing.

-Private group:You get the option to be in a private and secure group within the system that will enable you to chat with others. It is another optional source of support and value not an obligatory part of the program.

-Peer support guided group: It is a bonus option that is included in the price to offer to you the possibility to get peer support, feedback and raise accountability. I will naturally be there to answer additional questions and direct the session. It is a personal choice to take advantage of this bonus not an obligation. If you really do not want to part take in a group and/or there are not enough interested participants  to create a group,  then you can exchange that to a private 1 hour session. It is your journey so, do it your way.

– The first guided group session will be in the beginning as an introduction to the other participates who will take the same journey with you , which will also facilitate the helpfulness and pleasure of being in the private  feedback/support group. The second session will be take place in the middle of the program. This will take place offline or online, depending on location of the participates.

-Grace period: If we happen to run pass our time frame and we need a little more time to conclude our conversation, then the  session will be prolonged with an extra 15 minutes.

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