For you, who is a caring, accomplished, esteemed and a unique individual, BUT you cannot see that when you look in the mirror…

For you, who is flooded by insecurities , frustrations and feelings of disappointments over your appearance to the point that you are hiding yourself, diving away from attention and feeling mortified to let anyone know how you really feel.

For you, who is frantically following every trend, seeking the newest magic pill or googling for the ultimate quick fix and never getting anywhere. And even if you could see a change, you are never happy about it ‘cause it is just never enough….

For you out there, who is beating yourself up for all the should, have to’s, while repetitively saying I can’t ….because you are living according to unattainable standards and trying to reach the fake ideals thrusted upon you.

Are you starting to see why feeling and thinking negatively about your appearance is a wretched state that has such a strong immeasurable hold on you?

Accept and Rock your Perfectly Imperfect Body is for you!


Imagine this

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Now, Imagine getting dressed in the morning, looking in the mirror and feeling good, pleased, comfortable and dare I say sexy and spunky?

Imagine accepting your body, feeling absolutely fulfilled, delighted and elated that your passion, uniqueness, courage, talents and true purpose are your guide, instead of being guided by fears, misguided assumptions and being beaten up by your own inner critic.

 What would it be like to start living life like you want, be who you are and feeling damn good about it? What will feeling secure, brimming with confidence, armed and ready to take the  world on when you leave the mirror really be like? Can you see what I am seeing? 

Sounds great right? Only you can break this vicious cycle. You just cannot afford to wait. There is no better time to create change than now, so let me show you how you can get there.

‘’Accept and Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body’’ is a value-packed, actionable and thorough  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program. Are you ready and eager to commit, challenge yourself, follow through and make a huge change? This is  a highly focused, in-depth program that  is designed to achieve the most optimal results. It will take through the journey and support you while you start realizing that image for yourself.  

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The results



This online CBT program is an easy to follow road map that will take you STEP BY STEP, INCH BY INCH towards reaching body acceptance, helpful behaviours and eliminating that judgmental inner bully that is playing in your mind.

You will start accepting, respecting, appreciating and celebrating yourself at your present shape.

You will feel more pleased, empowered, comfortable in your body and confident about whom you are.

Your body image will no longer determine your actions or behaviors.

You will recognize that beauty, health and strength come in all sizes.

You will accept and  understand that kilos, centimeters ,size and whatever adjectives you currently use to describe your physical appearance  do not measure your worth as a person, your character and your individuality.

Can you imagine how exhilarating it will be?

What will such a change mean to you?

Now, I believe that you owe this to yourself, don’t you?

The modules

you are 12 modules away

It looks Amazing. I want to buy it!



The beauty of an online CBT therapy program is that you can tailor fit it to your busy schedule , demanding life style, progress and needs. It is a short term, straightforward, efficient, focused and practical.  It is available to you at anytime that you want, whether you are in bed wearing your PJ’s, laying on a couch on a Sunday morning or on vacation.

The program accelerates and condenses all the steps that you need to accept your body and be more confident. With each module you get practical, easy and valuable methods, techniques, exercises that work. You will have insights and scientific proven explanations for the root of the problem (knowing why and increased awareness has preventative power as well).You also get the guidance and advice that are necessary for the journey and it is all done in the comfort and convenience of your own surrounding. No commute and no taking time off to go to a session with your psychologist.

You determine your speed and the amount of progress that is conformable to you and to your personal needs. Having the program implies that you need not rely on your memory to recall strategies or thoughts that came up in a session. It is all written for you on your computer. Being text based it can also  make expression and disclosure  easier for you.

Should you need more flexibility of access, support and intensive personal contact, that is possible too. You can choose the levels of intensity and frequency of your contact. My mission is to truly meet you wherever you are on a number of levels. You can be reassured that I will be there for you whenever you need me. The contact with me  is by  email support and a call or you can also upgrade and receive private sessions  and guided group sessions, which add the ultimate support level to your journey towards a more positive body image

What makes this special?

7 Stunning and impelling ways that Accept and Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body is unlike other programs that you have come across

1. This program is not about putting a bright pink glasses on and seeing yourself in an extreme positive lala land way. It is about adjusting the negative dark goggles that give you a biased body image and allowing a realistic, balanced and more positive image come through. It is about breaking the chuckles that have kept you down and accepting and appreciating who you are.

2. You will not find any beautified glamour shots. There are no fancy tech gadgets and videos. It is simply packed and bursting at the seams with value material.  You buy it purely because it offers results. It is just like a gigantic garnish free plate of meat and potatoes with thick finger licking gravy on the side… 

3. Unlike other online program you are not alone. You will not be deserted after the purchase. If any questions are keeping you up at night, all it takes is a few swift strikes of your keyboard to contact me. I will quickly and furiously message/email you back with the answer.  You also get a great opportunity to have personal and exclusive time with me, which boosts and enriches your journey through the modules even more.

4. You  get access to exclusive and private group  in a closed secure system (a bonus option not an obligation), which allows you to get feedback, ask questions, get others’ perspectives and support from other participates, who are going through the same steps as you are. It is another reason why you are not alone. It can also help you stay on track, thus there is an element of accountability and not only peer support. Generally speaking, all communications and whatever you write down is secure within the system and is only accessible by you and your private password.

5. After you have finished the program, I will call you as to make sure that you are on the right track and to answer any new or lingering questions.

6. Plus, having it all on your computer means that you can revisit it effortlessly  any time you want. It is thus a tremendous resource. You can strengthen your newly found superpower strategies and insights  as much as you need, over and over again in the future, without having to rely on your memory of what was said, written or what you have to do. 

7. Besides the fact that you can upgrade and have one on one sessions with me, you also get guided group sessions  (optional to those who choose to do it) for additional time to talk with me and you get more peer support.So, as you can see, you can do it online with email support or you can add elements to your program that will give you extra benefits and more tailoring to your needs.  

Yes! I want to do this!




-Should you also want/need to have a private session and you have bought the GOLD package, then each session (50 min.) costs according to my regular hourly fee (100 euro).

-Email me whenever you need support (via the secured system or to dr.galor@delichtegolfpsy.nl). The maximum amount of 8 emails can be distributed during the program period as you wish.  It is available from 8:00-21:00. An email will be sent back within 3 hours of contact.

-Private sessions will preferably take place at my office in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. However, if you live very far away or abroad, it will be done with Skype.

-Check-ins: I will send you a quick message in periods that are extra difficult for you. Just extra emails to see how you are doing.

-Private group:You get the option to be in a private and secure group within the system that will enable you to chat with others. It is another optional source of support and value not an obligatory part of the program.

-Peer support guided group: It is a bonus option that is included in the price to offer to you the possibility to get peer support, feedback and raise accountability. I will naturally be there to answer additional questions and direct the session. It is a personal choice to take advantage of this bonus not an obligation. If you really do not want to part take in a group and/or there are not enough interested participants  to create a group,  then you can exchange that to a private 1 hour session. It is your journey so, do it your way.

– The first guided group session will be in the beginning as an introduction to the other participates who will take the same journey with you , which will also facilitate the helpfulness and pleasure of being in the private  feedback/support group. The second session will be take place in the middle of the program. This will take place offline or online, depending on location of the participates.

-Grace period: If we happen to run pass our time frame and we need a little more time to conclude our conversation, then the  session will be prolonged with an extra 15 minutes.

I am ready for a change. I want to buy this now

Why should I buy this?

Take a moment to really think about it. How much is it costing you every day that you don’t take action?

How do your negative feelings and thoughts about your body impair your life?

What would it mean to you if you were able to overcome the obstacles that hold you back?

How much effort, money and time have you invested thus far or you are thinking about investing in diets, cosmetic procedures or surgeries, supplements, expensive exercise equipment that ended up being clothing hangers or other trends out there and yet you have never been satisfied with the results?

Now, compare that to what Accept and Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body costs.

 I rest my case!

All those pills, procedures and other magic quick fixes out there do not satisfy and are never enough, because your body image is the same. It is still negative.That is why you will never think that the results made you  younger, thinner, prettier, leaner or muscular enough. The sooner you will break down the vicious cycle that maintains the negative body image, the sooner your will have a healthier, more positive and a balanced body image. 

What would it mean to you if you were to feel good, conformable and accepting of yourself and your body as it is?

What price would you put on that value?

Buying this program now is about prioritizing and investing in your well-being and raising your quality of life. 

If you’re reading all the way down here and getting as EXCITED as I am to offer this opportunity to you, then I URGE you to JUMP on this, right now. Don’t miss out, buy and get the ball rolling.

I want to start immediately

MINI Accept&Rock Your Body

Reclaim your happiness and self -acceptance even if you can barely put a smile on your face while thinking about your appearance by following my compact program so that you can start the new year happy, excited, fulfilled and full of acceptance and compassion about yourself right now.

Imagine the day wake up in the morning, after a care-free night sleep and you glimpse at yourself in the mirror and you smile. You get dressed in your favorite outfit,  check yourself in the mirror again and you think hello there beautiful. You feel calm, confident, comfortable and in control. You have reconnect with your genuine, loving, joyful and unique self and you love it. You feel like winking at the awesome person who is looking back at you right now. How fantastic will that day be?

The MINI program will help you start loving yourself at the shape that you are at so that you will experience a more blissful and fulfilled life. How?

With a generous helping of strategies that will turn your inner critic and body hater into your best compassionate and accepting friend;

a sprinkle of concrete hands on guidance because you will not go through it alone;

a dash of compassionate peer support and accountability and a splash of helpful insights.

It is all done in the comfort and convenience of your own surrounding. It will always be accessible to you.

Doing nothing about the way you feel and think about your body has not helped you, right? We both know that avoidance does not work and that you have not gotten anywhere with that approach, only accumulated and intensified your frustrations, insecurities, disappointment and fears.

I understand that the timing may be wrong for you or you cannot invest financially right now and buy the core program. This is exactly why I created the mini version of my program. It caters to the busy and yet inspired men and women, specifically those who don’t have a lot of free time on their hands and/or momentarily do not or cannot spend the money to pay for the premium full program, but still want a quality program and indisputable support to help them improve their body image.

This is program is a bite size of the core program and it offers value…simply packed, easy access, practical and straight forward selected strategies from the core program.

Discover essential strategies that will give you the push you need and the know how to start improving your body image at a minimum investment of time and money with the maximum of support, ease and flexibility. It is a short term ,efficient and focused therapy .You can tailor fit the program to your demanding life style, your tempo of progression and needs.

What is included?


If you are wondering… Yes, you can stop beating yourself up about all the shoulds and have to’s and you can break those body image shackles that have kept you down. You can  and you deserve to feel vibrate, content, powerful, alluring and beautiful in your own skin even if you are sleep deprived  and only a few free hours a day… even if you have tried every diet ,exercise routine and patent under the sun but have gotten nowhere..even if you can not invest allot of money right now…   This program and my unparalleled support will help you get there.

Sounds downright spectacular, right? Do not wait another moment accepting your negative body image in passivity. Time waits for no one and life as you want it to be is not getting any closer without taking any action, so hurry up and take charge.

Doing the MINI program is like taking the core program to a test drive at 10% of the whole price. Buy it and see if you like the approach and whether or not you want to continue working on your body image and invest further in yourself and your well-being.Get on board and start kicking your negative body image to the curb …

Are you ready to ACCEPT AND EMBRACE your self and your body, feel happier and excited to celebrate your  uniqueness and true beauty?

Sounds good, I want to buy the MINI now

Lingering questions?

sharon-2Who are you?

My name is Dr. Sharon Galor. I help adults overcome their struggles, strengthen their capacities and achieve greater happiness, balance and well-being in their life. I am very passionate about helping people. I will be your empathetic, authentic, supportive companion and guide in this journey.

I have a PhD in clinical psychology from Innsbruck University and MA in clinical and health psychology from Leiden University. I have worked as a psychologist for many years and have successfully helped many clients. I work with CBT, which is an evidence based, problem solving oriented therapy method that gets the best results in a short term.  I have also enriched my insights, aptitudes and experience by researching the psychological problems, which I treat. My research was published in prominent peer reviewed journals. My no-nonsense, efficient and results- focused therapy working method with my clients is reflected in this program and in my book Be assertive! Be your authentic self! (Amazon.com).  Additionally  a few of my articles  have also been featured in  great expat and business oriented sites on the internet.

How quickly will I see results?

If you think that this another quick magical fix, then forget about it. Nothing will change if you will not do the heavy lifting yourself.  If you do the work, you will see the results. I cannot live in your mind nor can I do it for you but I can explain, challenge, support, empathize, guide and motivate you into result delivering actions.

Each person is unique, each person’s circumstance is different and each person progresses in his/ her own tempo thus the length of time differs but if you will commit the time and emotional energy to do the work and apply all that you do in your life, your will also finish and see results in a shorter time.

How do I Pay ?

After you click the button and confirm your purchase, then you can pay through a bank transfer.

What happens after I pay?

You will get a link where you set your own private password (Two-way authentication). This will enter you to the secure system where you will gradually get your modules, but can also send me short messages and updates with each module. It is a direct conversation link to me. You can still naturally use the regular email address if you prefer. The online interaction with others, if you choose this bonus, will  be secured within the system.

What If I paid and I do not like it?

I  appreciate that occasionally there may be reasons why you may choose to cancel the participation where you have paid the full price in advance. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can email me dr.galor@delichtegolfpsy.nl. Upon termination the refund that shall be rendered is equal proportionally to the amount of modules that you have not received yet.

What are the terms and conditions of purchase?


A Definite Yes! I want to buy Accept and Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body now

Is your question not answered here?  call 06-17784669 or contact me with the form below.